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One of the most common questions I am asked is how I was able to snap back into shape so quickly after giving birth. In this extensive 67 page E-book I show you exactly how I ate and trained after giving birth to achieve my postpartum transformation!

This guide includes 8 weeks of gym workouts and 8 weeks of at home workouts. It also details my approach to nutrition and how I was able to snap back after both of my pregnancies without negatively effecting my milk supply. Plus a specialized core training program to help correct diastasis recti, and aid with prolapse! 
  • E-Book with 67 pages of information
  • 16 Weeks of Weight Lifting Workouts; 8 In Gym and 8 At Home
  • 16 Weeks of Cardio Workouts; 8 in Gym and 8 At Home
  • Video links to me performing every exercise
  • 24/7 access never expires
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Detailed explanation on how I eat to reach my physique goals and maintain a healthy milk supply
  • Traditional, vegetarian, and vegan example meal plans for fat loss or muscle growth
  • Workouts designed for a safe and speedy postpartum snap back 
  • Complete core training program to help with diastasis recti and prolapse




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I absolutely love Hope Howard! I’ve bought her e-books online before & they’ve helped me tremendously. I just had my first baby & I have been struggling with loosing weight. Since I got her postpartum diet/workout plan, I’ve been feeling better than ever! More energy, confidence & I feel like a better Mom because of it! Thank you Hope 💕 I just love you & your family!