Nutrition Guide 2.0

Hope Howard

This highly detailed guide shows you exactly how I eat and what I eat to achieve my small waist, flat stomach, and round glutes. Focusing solely on nutrition It gives you an in depth look into what types of foods to avoid and which ones to incorporate into your daily life. I also believe in having treats every week and will teach you when and how to have them so you don’t have to give up the foods you love. I also like to keep things simple so my meals are easy and quick to make. This guide is also Vegan and Vegetarian friendly! I know that if you use and follow my guide you will reach your goals!


  • E-Book with 21 pages of information
  • In depth look into macronutrients and the role they play with your metabolism
  • 30 Day Meal Plan template
  • A better understanding of what types of foods to eat for muscle building and which to eat for fat loss



If you have any questions whatsoever please contact me through the contact section of my website.

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